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i created an AFF account!! yeheeeyy!! jusy wanted to celebrate it...somehow?
hmmm..i posted stories there already..but they are just not that good(well, for me...)
and i don't think i'll post them here coz i'm too shy and posting here is reallt somehow confusing for me. :D
maybe i'll post one of my stories here!! just maybe. :D that's all.
and..oh yeah, i still have the same username there. :)
I like this username of mine so I use this in almost all my accounts. ^^
if you wanna read my stories just go to my profile!

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Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect, and what made you start your collection?

i kind of collect books. i know, it's weird. but i love reading fiction/horror books.
first, i didn't really like reading, but when i borrowed a book from a friend, it got me hooked and now i start to collect books as a hobby. although i don't read much now, i still buy books that are interesting to me.

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Testing testing ..
Finally I have an iPod, I'm so happy!!
Can't get over it.
Oh yeah, happy mothers day to all the moms and soon to be moms out there!
God bless. And..take care of yourselves!! :]

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ugh.. i had to delete everything in my inbox. it's getting too crowded. over 800+ messages and i haven't read most of them. well, i deleted everything except for the messaged.:)
it's good to finally start this new year with an empty inbox!! whooo~
now i can receive new messages. LOL.
so yeah, i'm just sharing some stuff which is not important! i repeat, not important.:)

so..i hope that everyone has a great year and God bless!

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What's your favorite snack for a rainy afternoon?

on a rainy afternoon..a cup of hot chocolate would do.:)
i could imagine it, sitting by the window and watching it rain outside, that'd be great..

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What is the best new TV series of 2010?

the fugitive: plan B.
yes, it's a korean drama. it's actually not a drama but kind of, action?
i really love this. also, my mom, super mom.
just gotta watch it.

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What was the last song you couldn't get out of your head no matter how hard you tried?

 it is and i think will always be "in my room" by SHINee. i just can't get it out of my head.
the song is just so meaningful. *sigh* 

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currently watching mtv.
guess what?
SHINee special!
i think they're showing some videos?
i'm totally squealing, on the inside.:)
love it too much!

just sharing 
i just noticed. victoria of f(x) is the girl in replay.. ^^

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my unnie, owlbee tagged me in this post. i dunno what to say.:P
i'm saying sorry in advance. i know this is going to get boring.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or a goal about you. At the end choose 7 people to be tagged. 

1. a laid back type of person. doesn't take things too seriously that's why i get scolded for low grades (yeah, it's plural. i am NOT smart).

2.  easily forgets things. like after watching tv, i place the remote beside the bed and get something to eat. when i come back, i'm thinking where'd i put the remote again? i'm such a fool

3. i love watching horror movies but once it starts, i can't see anything because the sheets are up to my face. and if i don't have anything to shield me from the tv, i just have to cover my eyes (and my ears) with my hands. don't know how i do it though. 

4. i easily get mad. even if it's such a small thing to be mad about, i don't know. i just end up being too furious to even think clearly.

5. i'm not good with words. i often repeat words especially if i don't know what to say (like right now, maybe?)

6. my goal, for now, is to make others happy. make my mom proud of me. even if i'm sacrificing my own happiness, at least i'm doing it for them, right?

7. i always say what i want to say, not thinking of how others would feel. 

8. loves chocolate. i just can't get enough of it, especially the strawberry flavored ones. yum ~^^~

9. most of the time found in front of the computer or the tv. 

10. don't know how to cook yet, but i wanna learn.

11. love all types of pairings in SHINee. but my fave is, of course, ONKEY!

12. wants to be multi-lingual (is that even the right term?). i currently know, filipino and english. that's it. still waiting for the chance to learn mandarin, korean and japanese..

13. currently a college student in Mapua Institute of Technology. 1st term is done, waiting for the next one.

14. haven't been hospitalized yet. i really want to experience it! i always wish that i could have a serious sickness, but with my strong immune system..what can i do?

15. misses my dad so much. it's been 7 years since he died due to a heart attack. i'm a bit mad at people who still have their dads with them but they don't cherish the times that they have together.

16. loves to sing and dance, but i'm not good at those things. just love to do it. :)

17. hates talking to people on the phone. i prefer a face to face conversation or an e-mail. 

18. i hate the song "nobody" by the wondergirls.(sorry to the wonderfuls).  i still don't know why people liked that song, it was so irritating.

19. i try to act cool, but it doesn't work for me.

20. i love to shop for clothes but it just ends up in my big pile of soon to wear clothes.

21. likes to think negatively when it comes to myself. it's a habit of mine. but when it comes to my friends, i'm the one who gives most of the advice.

22. i'm a selfish person. my own mother said that to me. i only think about myself and only me. i don't know if it's true though. hm, just get to know me.:) 

23.  when it comes to my friends, i become possessive. i don't want to lose them and i don't want them to get hurt. but there's always room for more friends. :)

24. i am a very weird person.

25. it only takes me 20 minutes to write a 2 page paper that i need. while it takes me hours to complete this.

sorry if this was so boring. 
i'm also sorry if i had to tag you guys. i just don't have that much friends in lj.:(

tag, you're it.:)
kevinisangel ; choon-hee ; ixjaydee ; stupidbakau ; 2-13elieve ; happyyoyo ; fayeiii

i'm really sorry. i know you guys are busy. :(

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first term,
i thought that i would fail.
i wasn't able to adapt that much to the new surroundings i'm in.
people go about their own ways, not even noticing who they bump into.
hectic schedules, long quizzes (i really mean it when i say "long") and sore limbs.

time has passed, finals came. 
only 2 and a half months passed before finals. 
does anyone know how short that is? 
how little time we have to learn what others learn for about 5 months or so.
can't take it anymore,
people have high expectations.
people criticize you, compares you to others.

but. i overcame all of that.
passed through all the obstacles.
and i now have, my grades.
i can now say that.


was busy with school. but not anymore.
sorry for this uhm, i don't know what this is.
just want to release some of my stress here and all my emotions.
uhh. i'm such a babo. :P

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